Video is without a doubt here to stay. It’s the fastest growing ad medium globally with 85% of all internet users watching video regularly online. So it’s fair to say that your audience is watching video and would rather do that than read text (but you should totally read on).

Why are the best advertising agencies outsourcing their video?

Video is a no-brainer for creative ad agencies. It’s proven, versatile and should be added to every client’s advertising and content strategy. It can be used across platforms, can be highly scripted and polished or spontaneous.

However, like any asset, video content needs to be engaging, educational, entertaining and persuasive. It needs to convert casual viewers into loyal followers. Therefore, the video content needs to be good and it needs to be on brand. 

Perhaps you have a small in-house team that has some experience with video. Or maybe you don’t and your agency is thinking about introducing video to your customers’ media mix. Maybe you are a large ad agency and have more work than you can shake a stick at.

The burning question is “who’s going to handle all this video production?” 

Let’s consider 2 scenarios.

The DIY Option  – Keep video production in house.

There is an argument for in-house video production. You retain complete creative control, set your own timelines and it’s easy to reschedule shoots if you need additional content.

However, unless you’re a big agency, your team that handles this in-house is likely to wear multiple hats and juggle many projects at once. And if you choose to set up your own dedicated team, salaried members of your staff and equipment are going to cost $$$.

But what if we told you there’s an alternative?

Go Pro –  Why you should outsource to a creative video agency.

Outsourcing can bring a fresh perspective to a project. An objective, external point of view that yields new energy and ideas. And assuming you’re working with a reputable firm with many years of video-specific experience, their perspective is going to be invaluable. 

Finding talented cast and crew can be a time consuming and costly exercise and an experienced video agency will have built many working relationships that can be leveraged, whether that’s cinematographers, scriptwriters, animators, actors or editors.

But one of the biggest benefits for outsourcing is financial. By partnering with an outside agency, you won’t incur the costs of a dedicated in-house video production team or the expensive, specialized equipment that’s needed.  

You might say it’s tricky to find the perfect creative video agency to partner with. Or that it takes time to get everyone up to speed on a project. But get the right fit and the benefits will far outweigh the drawbacks.

Creative agencies love working with K&C and here’s why.

Video production is all about teamwork. It’s about establishing the right teams and the most productive relationships. It’s about shared vision and creativity. 

We recognize that working together is more advantageous than working alone. We also realize that there are times when multitasking is possible and others when outsourcing is better.  

K&C are a creative video agency with over 40 combined years of experience working with brands and advertising agencies. We’re guns for hire, a flexible addition to your creative team, with that video production focus you’re looking for.

Full Service Production

We offer full-service video production and are confident working in a variety of genres. Whether that’s comedy, documentary, lifestyle or animation. We’ve established relationships with a solid network of creatives, including but not limited to:  directors, editors, scriptwriters, cast and crew, animators, props and wardrobe.  

Creative Consultancy

In addition to the production work,  K&C are available for consultancy and/or contract work as individuals.  Some creative agencies might have the capability to produce video for social media for example, but need to bring in additional support for a larger TV ad campaign. We can help with this. In fact, our creative director Carter was recently brought on as a director by 3 Headed Monster,  to work in this way.

This is a great example of how collaborative relationships work in the industry.  Matt, Faris, Head of Production for 3 Headed Monster, and Carter, have a trusted working relationship, after  previously working together at Sanders/Wingo.  

Matt is an experienced producer and has worked with the best advertising agencies nationally, for example,  GSDM and 22Squared.   So he understands what is required to establish a great creative video production team.  He knows who to bring in and when, and understands the benefits to outsourcing.  He knew it was the right time to bring Carter in as Director on his production.

“Carter has a great way of getting amazing performances from actors and collaborating with clients in a way that makes the work better and feels easy.”   Matt Faris

We are proud to have also worked with Bandolier, who were voted by AdAge as Southwest Small Agency of the Year 2021.  

So if you are looking to collaborate with a specialized, professional, creative video agency.  Either for full service production or on a consultancy basis, we would love to talk.