PREVIOUSLY: Creative Director and Video Director at Sanders\Wingo

CLIENTS: AT&T, State Farm, Hyundai, Domino's Pizza, Bud Light, Chevrolet, DIRECTV, Dell, Yahoo!, CLR, Tarn-X, Literati

RECOGNITION: Cannes Lion, American Advertising Awards, AdAge

Highlights from a Previous Life

Carter did a lot of work before K&C, writing and directing video content for everyone from AT&T to small non-profits. For the latter group, he even appeared on camera when budgets were tight. Check out this highlight reel for a glimpse at some of what he was doing before K&C, including his attempts at acting, stunt work and having short hair.

Focus on the Work

Want to know what Carter thinks about branding yourself as a creative? In this recap video, you’ll see some highlights from a talk Carter gave to creatives about furthering their careers in advertising.