PREVIOUSLY: Creative Studio Director at Ashfield Health, Creative and Marketing Consultant, and host of Glug Creative Events

CLIENTS: Bayer, Pfizer, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, Bio-Oil, Dr.Organic, Holland and Barrett, Weleda, The Harley Medical Group, Rapid White, Avene, GSK, Samaritans, BlackRock, National Rail

OTHER: A proud board member of the Austin Advertising Federation, supporting the creative industries where possible.

Making Creativity Possible

Kat has over 20 years of experience working within the creative industries.

After beginning her career as a graphic designer, she transitioned to creative operations and became a proven leader of in-house creative teams. She has a unique understanding of how creative teams operate at their best – we call it the business of creativity.

Armed with insights and marketing strategies, she assembles all the pieces for campaigns that make everyone sit up and take notice.

Hear Kat Chat

When she’s not making things happen, Kat loves networking with creatives and marketers to discuss the power of creativity in business.

Click here to listen to her chat with Christy Hiller, host of the the OWN IT podcast, which lifts up the stories of women and nonbinary ad agency owners: their challenges, successes and goals for the industry.