We had a blast producing these comedy spots for our friends at Bandolier Media. For this first one, Director Carter Pagel's vision was to turn a nice home office into a dingy moving office, which meant, among other things, installing mini-blinds and covering them with a substance created by our production designer that can best be described as "soot."


Kids Know Best

This short spot highlights an experience every parent can relate to – getting schooled by your kid. Fun fact: the lines in this were improvised/written on set by Director Carter Pagel and Bandolier Creative Director George Ellis, both parents themselves.

1-StarĀ Moving?

When we made the shirts for the “bad” moving company in this spot, the embroidery company accidentally put 2 stars in the logo of the fake company we created called “1-Star Moving”. We all thought it was actually funnier this way so instead of re-doing the shirts, we kept it and then went so far as to add the ridiculous logo and some graffiti to the moving truck in post. Sometimes this job is really fun.