We love helping talented people get experience in our industry, so we always employ a handful of interns. This year, we decided to do our first ever intern project to give them some real hands-on experience.


The idea behind the intern project was simple: have our interns create a pro-bono video for a charitable client, giving them some real-world experience while producing some useful work in the process.

First, we had to pick the client. So, we asked each of the interns to submit a potential client and then we took a vote. The client we elected this year was Puribag, a portable water treatment solution for natural disasters and primitive camping.

The next step was pitching the idea and producing the video. The interns sold the client on the concept, and we shot the video a few weeks ago on one of the rare rainy days in Austin in the summer of 2022.

Thanks to a lot of hustle by the intern team, though, they pulled it off. The client even came in town for the shoot, so the interns got a chance to be part of interfacing with a client on set–an important but underrated skill.

Finally, the footage went to post production. By this time, however, our interns were back at school, so it had to be edited, mixed and color corrected between classes.

All in all, it came out pretty good for our first ever intern project. The client was happy, the interns got good experience, and Carter got to do a little VoiceOver work (unpaid of course).

Elisa Calderon, K&C Intern 2022

Thank you for all the wonderful experiences and opportunities. I am still finding my spot in advertising and have been able to clear my vision thanks to you.